With temperatures rapidly dropping, now is the time to schedule a furnace inspection. Simply switching your furnace on may give you some piece of mind that it’s working, but it won’t give you a comprehensive picture of how well it’s working and if there are any potential problems. An annual furnace inspection is crucial in maintaining your heating system, and if you’re a homeowner, you definitely shouldn’t put it off.

Why Annual Furnace Inspections Are Important

Your furnace’s manual likely recommends having the system inspected by a professional HVAC technician yearly. Doing so not only preserves your warranty, it also helps you avoid serious problems. In fact, having your furnace inspected annually will likely help you avoid breakdowns

How to Avoid Furnace Breakdowns

Annual furnace inspections are the best way to avoid furnace breakdowns. When you have a technician inspect your system yearly, you’re providing an opportunity for minor problems to be detected and corrected before they cause total system failure.

In the beginning, many heating problems are minor and relatively easy – and affordable – to fix. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem will likely become, and the more expensive it will become to fix.

During the inspection, your technician will also assess your heating system’s performance. They’ll determine whether your furnace is operating at peak efficiency and correct any problems that may be causing uneven heating or high energy bills.

Furnace Inspections in Mendota

At Triple Service, we’re proud to offer furnace inspections in Mendota and the surrounding areas. Furnace inspections are an important part of furnace maintenance, and you can count on your Triple Service technician to detect and repair minor problems before they turn into major disasters.

When winter bears down on your winter home, you can’t afford to be without heat. Don’t risk having your furnace break down at the worst possible time. Contact Triple Service today to schedule a Mendota furnace inspection. Call 559-785-2490.