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5 Common Furnace Problems & How to Troubleshoot Them

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A properly functioning furnace in Mendota, IL is essential for maintaining a warm and comfortable home, especially during the chilly months here. However, just like any mechanical system, your furnace may encounter issues that disrupt its performance. Recognizing common furnace problems and learning how to address them can save you from enduring a cold night and prevent costly Mendota furnace repair bills.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the Mendota HVAC experts at Triple Service for help! We offer furnace repair, maintenance, and new installations to cater to all your HVAC needs. If you prefer a DIY approach for common furnace problems, you can take a few simple steps to resolve the issues on your own. Keep reading to learn where to start!

Verify Your HVAC Warranty in Advance

While we provide some troubleshooting steps below, attempting any heater repairs in Mendota, IL isn’t a DIY project. Even if you have the technical experience and knowledge, it’s crucial to check your manufacturer’s warranty beforehand. You may discover that handling things on your own could void the warranty. The manufacturer might specify that only licensed HVAC technicians are permitted to handle furnace repairs. Opting for a DIY approach may jeopardize coverage for a covered replacement or repair, and should really be left to the professionals.

1) Thermostat Troubles

When troubleshooting your furnace, boiler, or HVAC system, begin with the basics. Ensure your thermostat is set to the desired temperature and wait a few minutes. If it’s unresponsive, replace the batteries to see if it resolves the issue. The problem might also be a tripped circuit breaker. Check if the circuit associated with your furnace is tripped and inspect if any circuits are in the off position to ensure a fully functional home.

2) Clogged Air Filters

If your home’s heating is inconsistent, clogged air filters could be the culprit. Dirty or unchanged air filters can cause uneven heating patterns and impact indoor air quality. Try replacing your filter, and you can bring the old one to a hardware store for assistance or check the sizing on the old filter. Alternatively, purchase a new filter and place it over the old one, aligning it properly, then remove the dirty filter and place the new one in position.

Alternatively, contact the team at Triple Service in Mendota, IL, to handle the task for you. We provide affordable maintenance services to address issues like dirty filters, dusty units, and more, ensuring your system remains in top condition and preventing costly heater repairs.

3) Dirty Flame Sensor

Similar to air filters, flame sensors can get dirty, leading to a premature furnace shutdown. Depending on your comfort level, you might be able to clean the flame sensor yourself. Otherwise, reach out to our experienced HVAC technicians in Mendota, IL, who can promptly assist you.

4) Unusual Noises

Strange noises, banging, or grinding could indicate ignition timing issues. The blower motor or other moving parts may require lubrication or replacement. While you can try tightening loose components, it’s not advisable unless you have experience with furnaces and heaters. Attempting to fix it on your own may lead to further damage or compromise your safety. Contact Triple Service today to eliminate those unusual noises!

5) Pilot Light Won’t Turn On

If your pilot light is out, a faulty thermocouple or gas supply issue may be the cause. Attempt to reignite the pilot light yourself, and if unsuccessful, turn off the gas and contact us immediately. Prioritize the safety of you and your family, as fixing electronic ignitions on your own can be hazardous.

Still Having Furnace Problems? Trust the Pros!

If the troubleshooting tips above didn’t solve your heating problem, it really is time to call in the pros. There are many other furnace issues that could be causing your heating woes, like a blower motor malfunction, faulty limit switch, wear and tear on belts, gas valve problems, thermocouple issues, clogged condensate drain lines and more, but they require a professional HVAC technician to diagnose and fix.

And that’s where Triple Service comes in! Our Mendota heating technicians are licensed, insured, experienced, and serve numerous loyal customers in the area. Whether you have a furnace, boiler, or other HVAC problem, reach out today! You deserve to enjoy a warm and cozy winter with the best service available. Our team is committed to maintaining and repairing your HVAC unit with transparent pricing and reliable service you can depend on.

Give us a call for all your HVAC needs in Mendota, IL and the surrounding area!