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Toxic Chemicals Found in 6 MILLION Americans’ Drinking Water

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Toxic Chemicals Found in 6 MILLION Americans’ Drinking Water

Think your drinking water’s clean? Think again.

A recent study found that more than 6 million Americans use and drink water that’s contaminated with deadly toxins and carcinogenic man-made chemicals.

Toxins used to fight water and stain-proof furniture have found their way into public water supplies in California, New York, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and several other states.

The study, conducted by Harvard University, warns that the figures are likely an underestimate because the available government data does not account for nearly 100 million people – or roughly a third of the country.

Deadly Toxins in Public Water

This study comes amid the ongoing crisis involving 12,000 children who were exposed to potentially life-threatening toxins in the water. Unfortunately, this new study raises concerns that there could be a similar crisis that’s much more widespread.

Chemicals with unknown toxicities, like PFASs, were used for many years and released into the environment. These chemicals have been used for more than six decades in commercial and industrial products ranging from pots and pans to clothing to food wrappers.

PFASs have been linked with hormone disruption, cancer, high cholesterol and obesity, and they’ve been found in the drinking water of more than 6 million Americans.

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

As a resident of Illinois, the quality of your drinking water should be a primary concern.  Sixty-six of the public water supplies tested during the study had at least one water sample that was at or above the EPA safety limit for PFASs.

Even worse, PFASs aren’t the only contaminants that could be lurking in your family’s drinking water. To ensure that your water is safe and to avoid the potential hazards associated with toxic chemicals, we highly recommend investing in a water filtration system. At Triple Service, we sell, install and service water filtration systems that remove contaminants from water and make it safe for your family.

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