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Tips to maintain your Outdoor Plumbing

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Outdoor plumbing is important for several reasons. Whether it’s a hose or a sprinkler to water your plants, a pond, or a fountain, the system must be properly maintained. Here are some tips to help maintain your outdoor plumbing.

Clear your gutters

As with indoor plumbing, clearing gutters, downspouts, and yard drains ensures that water can flow throughout the outdoor system. This means removing any leaves, dirt, or debris. If you have a mobility issue, then you may want to consider getting a contractor in to do this for you.

Check your vent pipes

You can often find bird and insect nests in vent pipes. As with dirt and debris in the gutters, these will need to be cleared.

Test your outdoor faucet

Cold weather can harm your plumbing. If you are concerned about this, one test you can do is to switch on your outdoor faucet. When the water pours out in the flow you expect, then there are no issues, and you don’t need to call anyone out. 

If the water trickles, flows very slowly, or starts leaking then there is the possibility that you have a cracked pipe and you should get a contractor in to look at it. It is best to do this in the wintertime when you are less likely to need an outdoor water source.

Get your septic tank inspected

It is recommended that you get your septic tank inspected at least once every three to five years. This job should be handled by a professional so they can spot any issues and make any recommendations. This is important because any repairs they recommend you do are likely to be less expensive than replacing your filter field.

Get a sewer line inspection

Depending on where you live, your local area may get an increased amount of rain or snowfall. After a period of heavy rain or after the snow has melted, you may wish to consider getting a sewer line inspection. The reason this is important is that during this time trees or roots can shift underground, potentially creating a negative effect on your plumbing system.

Possible symptoms of sewer line issues can include a strange odor coming from your lawn, bright green patches around your lawn, soggy areas around the lawn, and waste getting built up in your toilet and drainage system. If you see these signs, then this is the best time to call in a plumber.

Use a professional

In some cases, you may do all these checks and find that you still have problems with your outdoor plumbing. If you are not sure that you can fix a problem, the best way to address outdoor plumbing issues is to call Triple Service Inc. We will be able to check to see what issues you have and address them in the right way.