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Renovate Your House with 5 Easy Tips

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We must love watching house-flipping TV shows because they’re on all the time! It’s neat to
see how they can buy a house for cheap, renovate it and greatly increase its resale value on
shows like Flip This House, Fixer Upper, and Property Brothers. You can get all kinds of renovation
ideas from these shows and others like Flip or Flop and Flipping Out.

What real-world house flippers are good at is doing renovation projects that really pay off.
Putting up a pergola might be a fancy touch for your backyard but upgrading the master
bathroom (for similar dollars) will increase the resale value of your home.
If a house flipper was renovating your house, what projects would they invest in for maximum
return on their investment and the highest possible resale value?

1. Painting
“Nothing makes an ugly house look better than paint,” says Stacy Coleman of Baytown, Texas,
who has been flipping houses for 15 years. She paints most rooms, the kitchen cabinets and the
house doors. “If the outside of the house looks bad, paint it too,” advises Stacy.

2. Update Bathroom(s)
An updated bathroom will sell your house and you get the most return on your investment.
Every home is different… Check out our Luxury Bath Technology line! We offer a full line of
Installation, maintenance & repair that your home bathroom may require, no matter the
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3. Replace light fixtures
Styles change and the glass on older light fixtures can look yellowish. It’s amazing how new
light fixtures alone can brighten up a kitchen and make it look so much better. Depending on
the wiring changes your new lighting may require, it might be necessary to contact your home
services company for an electrician to do the work.

4. Install New Carpet
Sometimes if a room is already carpeted, the temptation is to leave it there but clean it. If it’s
older (and ugly) the better option is to replace it with a new, more neutrally colored carpet. Of
course, hardwood flooring or even high-quality laminate is generally preferred to carpeting,
but for select rooms, it may be best just to re-carpet.

5. Improve the curb appeal
Nice flower beds around your deck in the backyard would be really nice, but what people will
see first should take priority. It’s actually quite amazing how much value good curb appeal can
add to a home. Nice flower beds, trimmed bushes, mowed grass and a clean driveway make a house look great.
You come home to the front of your house everyday so why not make it look great?

We haven’t seen your particular house, but, generally, these are the projects house flippers
take on to greatly increase resale value. Which ones can you adopt (or adapt) to increase the
value of your home? Call our dedicated, local team today for your in-home consultation.