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Is a Tub to Shower Conversion Right for You?

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Is a Tub to Shower Conversion Right for You?

If you’ve always desired a spacious walk-in shower, you may have considered swapping out your bathtub for a standalone shower. Many working adults simply don’t have time to take baths, so upgrading to a bigger shower just seems to make sense. Tub to shower conversions are becoming increasingly popular, but they aren’t right for everyone. Is a tub to shower conversion right for you and your family? Keep reading to learn more about a few important things to consider.


Do you already have a standard alcove tub? If so, you already have the perfect location for your new walk-in shower. The drain and water lines should already be in the exact right places, and switching to a standalone shower should be a straightforward process. If, however, you have a freestanding tub, the shower may need to be relocated to another area, which means moving plumbing lines.

Measurements and Local Building Code

When having your new shower installed, it’s essential that the job be done properly per local codes. Codes vary slightly, but in most areas, showers must be no smaller than 30 inches by 30 inches, and the finished ceiling needs to be no less than 80 inches high. If you plan on installing a swinging door on your new shower, make sure it can open without hitting any obstructions. If there is not enough room, you’ll need to install a sliding door or use a shower curtain.

Selling Your Home

If you only have one bathtub, replacing it with a shower could have an impact on your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. For many young families, a bathtub is a must-have for bathing children and pets. If you are located in an area that is popular among this demographic and plan on selling your home in the next few years, a tub to shower conversion may not be the best investment. If you are located in an area that is mainly attractive to retirees and single people, though, a spacious walk-in shower could be a much-appreciated upgrade.

Tub to Shower Conversion in Mendota

If you are thinking about a tub to shower conversion or any other type of bathroom remodeling project, let the experts at Triple Service help. We will help you determine whether this type of project is well-suited to your home as well as your family’s needs. To schedule an appointment, please give us a call now!