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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

When the temperatures drop, it can cause major problems inside your home. For homeowners, one of the most common wintertime woes is frozen pipes. When the water inside your pipes freezes, it expands and can cause the pipe to burst. If a frozen pipe bursts, it can cause serious flooding and result in thousands of dollars in water damage.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how to keep the temperatures from dropping, but we can give you a few tips on how to prevent frozen pipes in your Mendota area home.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

Pipes in certain areas of your home are likely more prone to freezing than others. For example, those than run through attics, basements and along exterior walls are the most likely to freeze.

Here are a few ways to keep all the pipes in your home from freezing this winter:

  1. Pick up some insulation. Foam pipe insulation is one of the best ways to keep your pipes from freezing. This insulation is available at any hardware store, it’s affordable and it’s easy to install. Just wrap it around your pipes, and seal it using the self-adhesive strip or duct tape.You might also want to consider adding additional insulation in cold areas like basements or attics. If you have ongoing problems with frozen pipes, poor insulation is probably the culprit.
  2. Take precautions when the temperature drops. When it’s cold, leave the cabinets below your sinks open, especially for sinks located on exterior walls. This allows the warm air from the rest of your home to circulate around the pipes easier, making them less likely to freeze.It’s also a good idea to let your faucets drip. Moving water doesn’t freeze as easily, and even a slow drip can keep pipes from freezing completely.
  3. Keep pipes from freezing when you’re away. If you’re going to be away for a few days this center, be sure to set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees. If possible, turn off your main water supply before you leave, and flush the toilets and empty faucets to make sure there is no water in the system.

What to Do When a Pipe Freezes or Burst

If you have a frozen or burst pipe in Mendota, we recommend contacting us right away. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service, and we’ll take care of your problem as quickly as possible. Call now for the help you need!