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Drain Back-Ups

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Drain backups occur when there is a blockage in the sewer mains. Over time, this can cause an overflow that can be unpleasant, damaging and potentially harmful to health if not dealt with. Here are a few factors that you need to be aware of when dealing with drain backups.

How you can tell if there’s a problem

The most obvious way you can tell if a backup has occurred is if you see brown water or something that is clearly sewage when you turn on the taps. However, if a drain stops working it can be mistaken for a clog.

Other signs that can indicate a drain backup can include gurgling sounds, strange smells, drains moving slower or water backing up in your shower or bathtub. 

What can cause a drain backup?

Drain backups can be caused by several factors. Factors can include clogged/blocked sewer pipes, tree roots getting into the pipes, sewer pipes getting damaged or the sewer main being blocked. The drains can also be affected by heavy rain or snowfall that can put a lot of pressure on the drains.

Homeowners can also potentially affect drains as well. Do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet roll and avoid disposing of grease and fat down the sink, as these can form fatbergs that can also cause drain blockages.

What you should do

Once you are aware of a drain backup, you should turn off the running water in your house. After you have been sure that all the water is turned off in your home, you should call in a professional to clear out any blockages that could cause the backup.

After the blockage has been cleared (as well as any standing water and sediment removed) there may be some residual greywater. This should be cleared out with bleach mixed in with a gallon of water. Scrubbing down all surfaces with this bleach mix will ensure that the surfaces are all sanitized and that people in your home will not be adversely affected by the grey water.

Why you should call in a professional

While it is possible to clear minor clogs with household cleaning items, when it comes to major blockages these should be cleared by professionals. Indeed, if not handled correctly any homemade attempts to clear these could do more harm than good. If you are aware of an issue with your drains don’t delay, call out an experienced professional drainage expert in your local area as soon as possible. It is better that these are dealt with quickly as the longer you wait the worse the damage will get and could severely impact on your health and everyone else in your home.

In short, by acting quickly and decisively (as well as calling in the professionals) you can protect both your home and the people inside, limiting the damage that drain backups can do.

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