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Don’t Believe These 4 Common Heating Myths!

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Don’t Believe These 4 Common Heating Myths

Spring may be just a few short days away, but the cold winter temperatures just seem to want to hang on. When facing those chilly days, many homeowners mistakenly rely on inaccurate information to keep their home warm and try to reduce their energy bills.

Don’t be fooled by heating myths! Keep reading to separate the facts from fiction.

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4 Common Heating Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Closing Vents and Registers Lowers Your Heating Bill
If you live in a newer home, you most likely have a forced-air heating system. These systems work by balancing pressure to evenly distribute warm air throughout your home. When you close some of the registers and vents, the balance is disrupted, and your heating system actually has to work harder to heat your home, resulting in a higher bill.

Myth #2: Lowering the Thermostat When You’re Away Won’t Lower Your Bill
Whether you’re in your home or not, the higher the thermostat is set, the more your heating bill will cost. Lowering the temperature by just a few degrees while you’re at work or out of town for the weekend can actually bring significant energy savings. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can even lower the temperature while you’re away and set it to warm back up before you return home.

Myth #3: You’re Stuck with Cold Floors During the Winter
If your bare floors are cold during the winter, you might not have enough insulation. Check for leaks around doors, windows and ductwork if your floors seem abnormally cold. Warming up your floors may be as simple as sealing your home a bit better. As an added bonus, sealing air leaks will also likely lower your energy bills.

Myth #4: Setting the Thermostat Higher Heats Your Home Faster
Most heating systems deliver warm air at the same constant rate no matter how high the thermostat is set. Setting yours to a higher temperature does absolutely nothing to hear a cold home faster.

Help with Heating in Mendota

If you’re having trouble staying warm inside your home or with too-high utility bills, don’t rely on heating myths! Contact the experts at Triple Service for help with heating in Mendota. We’re here to provide honest, effective assistance to a wide variety of heating woes, and we can help you and your family stay warm as we ride out the last few days of winter.