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Common AC Problems (and What to Do About Them!)

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Common AC Problems (and What to Do About Them!)

If you’re ready to enjoy a hot summer day, an air conditioner in good working order is a must!

If you do experience AC problems, it’s not always cause for an emergency. In some cases, a simple repair or a scheduled AC maintenance visit will sort everything out.

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Or you can call Mendota air conditioning pros at Triple Services anytime for all of your AC needs, including new installations and replacements.

Not sure where to start? If you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioner, here are some common problems to watch out for and when you’ll need to reach out for Mendota AC repair!

1) Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working at All

If your air conditioning won’t turn on at all, it can feel like a crisis. The heating and cooling experts at Tripe Service are always here to help. However, the issue could be something simple. Check that your circuit breaker is in the right place and look at your thermostat settings. Someone might have altered the settings, or the battery might be malfunctioning and needs a replacement.

2) There’s No Cool Air Coming from Your AC

When cool air isn’t flowing from your AC, you may have a system failure and are looking at a repair or AC installation. Or the issue could be simple, like a problem with the refrigerant or a dirty air conditioning filter. You can change out your AC filter yourself, wipe down your vents and use a vacuum to try to remove any visible debris. 

3) You Can Feel Warm or Hot Air Blowing from Your AC

One of the most dreaded issues homeowners encounter with their air conditioner is when it is blowing out warm or hot air. These are all signs you may have an evaporator malfunction or an electric problem. Whatever the issue, we can fix it or replace it. Give our AC experts a call to take a look and restore the cool air in your home.

4) Your AC Won’t Stop Cycling

Is your AC turning off and on while cycling nonstop? First, check your air filter. If you’ve neglected to change it for a few months, it could get so clogged that it actually shuts down your AC system. We can also take care of it for you during a regular maintenance visit. If the filter isn’t a problem, it could be low refrigerant levels or a frozen coil that needs immediate attention to avoid long-term damage to your system.

5) Your AC Is Emitting Strange Odors

When too much moisture collects in your AC or ducts, you will probably smell bad, musty odors. Mold and mildew can run rampant in your AC system and need immediate attention. If it’s not your air ducts, the issue could point to a blocked condensate line, a dirty drain plan that’s collecting moisture, or a problem with your evaporator coil.

6) Your Circuit Breakers Are Tripping

If your AC circuit breaker keeps tripping, you may have an electrical overload issue. If your system pulls in more amps than your breaker can handle, it will keep turning off and on. Give the team at Triple Service a call to keep your AC up and running, your home cool and comfortable, and your circuit breaker in good working order.

7) Your AC Coil Is Freezing or Melting Ice

When pools of water appear around your AC or duct work, the problem is often a frozen evaporator coil. When it thaws, it melts and forms a pool around your system. A fresh, new AC filter could help, or you can try turning off your AC and turning on your fan to help with the thawing. If that doesn’t resolve the issue or it keeps happening, you need help from the cooling experts at Triple Service.

8) Your Air Conditioner is Noisy

Noises coming from your AC are never a good sign. Buzzing, popping, and vibrating is usually an electrical problem that needs help from a skilled HVAC technician. However, if you hear hissing, it may be a refrigerant problem. We can help with whatever is going on! We’ll assess what’s going on and talk you through your options with upfront pricing. 

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