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Comfort A Hero: Our 2024 Winner

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Here at Triple Service, we love our community! We know that we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the people who live here and call on us when they need our services.

That’s why we try to give back in ways that are meaningful and that allow us to use our specific skills to help people live better. Our Comfort A Hero program is just one way we try to help.

Every year, we give a Rheem home comfort system to a veteran who needs our help. We solicit nominations from the community, because we know that we don’t hear all the stories out there. That’s why we ask you and your neighbors to tell us about veterans who could use our help.

The 2024 Winner: Jim Joslin

Our 2024 Comfort a Hero Winner is James “Jim” Joslin from Earlville. Jim served in the army and did tours in both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield.

Like so many who have served this country, Jim came back with PTSD because of things he saw and experienced during his time in the United States Army. For years, he managed it on his own, though he would usually forget his flashbacks and relied on his wife to tell him about them afterwards.

The fact that he had them was disconcerting for Jim, but the fact that he couldn’t remember them was downright scary. He knew that someone could end up injured because of his actions and he would have no memory of doing anything.

In recent years, Jim’s PTSD episodes were becoming more frequent. In February 2023, Jim decided to seek help.

Over the last year, Jim has started recovering from the events that were torturing him. His wife, Deb, says, “My hope is that Jim can show others that it IS possible to fight the fight even after 30+ years of trying to bury them. There is hope and as scary as it is, he has been able to learn HIS new normal. One that he no longer fears. One that he can look forward to every day and see light instead of dread and worry. He is my hero for pushing and surviving through what most of us will never comprehend. He is our children’s hero because he never gave up. He is a hero inside and out.”

Jim and Deb support Til Valhalla, an organization that works to bring awareness to the problem of PTSD in veterans and get them the help they need. We hope that the Rheem comfort system we are installing for them will help give Jim the foundation to continue healing and help other veterans do the same.