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5 HVAC Tips for Homeowners

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5 HVAC Tips for Homeowners

HVAC system maintenance

– and your local Mendota-Peru plumber. Check out these helpful HVAC tips for homeowners to keep your system working at peak efficiency.

Replace Your Filters

We simply cannot overstate the importance of replacing (or cleaning) your filters. In addition to keeping contaminants out of the air, they keep your HVAC system clean and allow it to function properly. Clogged filters force systems to work harder and could cause system failure.

Check Your Ducts

Leaky ductwork services can cost you big. It drives up energy costs and may force your system to work harder. Examine your ducts periodically, and repair any holes and gaps you find using special metallic tape and duct mastic. Don’t forget to check seldom-used areas like attics and basements.

Give Your AC Some Breathing Room

Air conditioners need room to breathe in order to work properly. Make sure the outdoor unit has at least 1’ of clearance on all sides. Get rid of leaves, dirt and other debris that has accumulated around the unit, and trim bushes. If the unit looks excessively dirty inside, have it cleaned.

Leave the Vents Open

Closing vents in rooms that you don’t use often seems like a great idea, but it actually could cost you. When vents are closed, the system is forced to work harder. This could cause higher energy bills and premature system failure.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

One of the best ways to take care of your HVAC system is by having it properly maintained each year. At Triple Service, we can help. When you contact us, a technician will change or clean your filters, test safety controls, clean and inspect blowers and motors, check for duct leaks and more.

If you need a hand with HVAC maintenance in Mendota or if you have questions about any of these HVAC tips for homeowners, contact Triple Service today!