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Mendota Drain Cleaning

Is the water draining too slowly down the sink for your liking? Has it completely stopped up? There’s no need to worry about the potential for a mini-flood. Simply reach out to Triple Service, Inc. for fast and efficient drain cleaning services.

We offer complete sewer drain and pipe cleaning to ensure the water flows consistently out of your home and into the main sewer line. Our trained and licensed plumbers will get the job done quickly so you can go about your daily routines without fear.

Our Drain Services Get Your Pipes Running Clean Again

For more than 70 years, we’ve provided drain services to help homeowners enjoy full use of their plumbing systems. Over the years, our contractors have learned many secrets of the trade to help them achieve results with a minimum of time and hassle. We can even send a camera down the drain to find the deepest clogs—a cutting-edge technology that also helps us check for damage to your sewer system, such as cracks in the pipe or an invasion of tree roots.

Once we’ve identified the problem, our team can go to work eliminating it. Depending on the size of the clog and its location, we may use one of two tools:

  • Drain Snakes: Most people are familiar with the idea of a drain snake that can be inserted into the drain to hook onto debris and pull it out. We can use very long snakes to reach clogs deep in the plumbing and, by rotating them very quickly, can even use them to break up clogs.
  • Hydro-Jetting: For generally slow drains, deep clogs, or certain types of clogs, we may use jets of hot water to scour the pipes. This process relies on a lot of water under high pressure, so we only recommend it when necessary.

We Make Needed Sewer Drain Repairs

If the water isn’t draining because you need a sewer drain repair, Triple Service can help with that, too. We’ll use cameras to see where the line is broken and then determine the best option to fix it. Don’t stress out about the potential need for drain repairs. Many modern sewer line repair techniques can be completed without any digging or other invasive tactics!

Learn More About a Free Quote for Drain Cleaning

When the drains aren’t working, it won’t take long before your Northern Illinois home is at risk of even more serious issues. Get the water running smoothly again by reaching out to Triple Service, Inc. Contact us through our online form or give us a phone call today to speak with a friendly representative. We can schedule an emergency appointment for drain cleaning service right away.