The coolant is a refrigerant commonly known as Freon. There will be no cooling in the system if the supply of Freon is not sufficient enough. You may seek the assistance of an expert to do Mendota AC repairs on this aspect. The key parts should be checked regularly to avoid major problems. These are the coils, drain ports, fan, filter, power cord, switch and the thermostat.

In between the coils are thermostat controls, motor, fans and compressor. As you may have observed, the greatest enemy of air conditioners is dirt. It can lessen the function of the evaporator coil, the filters gets clogged up and drain ports are blocked. These are sealed parts so it is advisable for you to seek the assistance of professional service providers to do the AC repairs. For extensive AC repairs, you may as well remove the whole unit and bring it to your nearest shop for reconditioning.

A user’s manual is provided for you to follow. Before you try any move to work on your room air conditioner, see to it that it is unplugged and totally drained or else you will experience a great shock. Air conditioners usually have one capacitor at the back of the control panel and another processor beside the fan. Take note that processors still has electricity stored even if the unit is switched off. Further, clean filters often with mild detergent and rinse well. If it’s a throw-away type, replace with the same type of filters. Lastly, always ask the advice of a professional mechanic about minor troubles of your air conditioners. Read the manual and follow the diagram of your air conditioning unit for your guidance and ready reference.