If you’re one of the millions of people who suffers from spring allergies, this time of year can be pretty miserable. High pollen levels, dander and dust can cause a dramatic increase in bothersome allergy symptoms, including headaches, sneezing, sore throat, eye irritation, etc.

If you or someone in your family suffers from season allergies, there are several things you can do to improve indoor air quality in your north central Illinois home.Improve Indoor Air Quality

5 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  1. Take your shoes off. When you enter your home, remove your shoes immediately. This lessens the amount of pollen and other allergens that you will track inside your home. It’s especially important to take your shoes off when entering your home if you have carpet or rugs.
  2. Keep your windows closed. Bright, sunny days may make you want to keep your windows open, but doing so provides a clear passageway for allergens to enter your home. Keep your windows closed, especially when the sun is shining and allergens are at their worst.
  3. Change your clothes when you get home. Pollen and other allergens can get trapped in your clothes, and if you don’t change as soon as you get home, you could spread them throughout your home. Change right away, and put your dirty clothes directly in the washing machine. If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, take a shower as soon as possible after returning home.
  4. Have your ducts cleaned. If the air ducts in your home are dirty, your air conditioner could be blowing dust, dander and other pollutants throughout your home. Hire a professional to clean your ducts to ensure that the air that’s being circulated throughout your home is fresh and clean.
  5. Invest in a residential air cleaner. To maximize the quality of the air inside your home, invest in a portable air cleaner, UV air cleaner or other type of residential air cleaner. There are several options, making it possible to find an air cleaner that is appropriate for most homes and situations.

Indoor Air Quality Services

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