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Avoid 3 Common AC Repairs with Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Avoid 3 Common AC Repairs with Air Conditioner Maintenance

Needing AC repair is frustrating, especially when the need arises on the hottest day of summer or when you just do not have the money to pay the repairman. It’s even more frustrating, though, to find out that you could have avoided the problem altogether by keeping up with some standard maintenance.

Air conditioner maintenance service helps protect cooling systems and keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, many homeowners just don’t realize the true value of keeping up with routine maintenance until a serious problem arises. Don’t let a serious problem take you by surprise! Here are three common problems you could avoid just by properly maintaining your cooling system.

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3 Common Problems Air Conditioner Maintenance Prevents

Each summer, we get several calls from homeowners claiming to have plumbing leaks only to show up and discover that the leak is actually coming from the air conditioner. These leaks can result in thousands of dollar’s worth of water damage, but they can usually be avoided.

When you are using your air conditioner, condensation collects in the inside coil and is drained outdoors. Unfortunately, the drain can become clogged. When the water has nowhere else to go, it will start leaking inside your home. When you have your system maintained, your technician will clean the condensate drain to help you avoid this all-too-common problem.

Frozen Coils
Freezing up may seem normal, but it is actually a serious problem that can do major damage. Your air conditioner contains refrigerant that is responsible for transferring heat outdoors and cooling a coil that, in turn, cools the air inside your home. If the coil freezes, the refrigerant is no longer able to do its job.

Coils may freeze due to low refrigerant, dirty air filters and a number of other problems. During a maintenance call, are addressed to ensure that the system does not freeze up when in use.

Premature System Failure
While no cooling system is designed to last forever, your air conditioner should provide you with several years of reliable use. If you fail to keep up with routine maintenance, however, normal wear and tear can cause the system to fail long before it should. During an annual maintenance appointment, your technician will carefully examine all of the system’s components and make repairs and recommendations to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

At Triple Service, we are here for all of your air conditioner maintenance needs. We can help your AC perform better and last longer while helping you avoid unexpected repairs. For air conditioning maintenance in North Central Illinois, contact the experts right here at Triple Service today.